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Call me a liar test1

New Blog Series! “Call me a Liar”

Hey everyone! Day in and day out we're helping people become healthy, lose weight, repair their metabolism, reverse diabetes, make pain disappear, put neuropathy myths to bed, and yet due to what some would consider "unorthodox" methods it's … [Read More...]


What to eat, What to eat…

Hey Guys, First off I'd like to commend everyone on there hard work I've been seeing at the gym. You guys have been kicking butt! Also, I love all the questions everyone has been asking me, keep it up. A question I get a lot is,"What Should I eat … [Read More...]

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The Vestibular System

The Vestibular System By Jennifer Davis   What is that?! This is your vestibular system. Still confused? This very small but extremely important system supports us in everything that we do. It basically keeps us upright. Let … [Read More...]

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Living Room Workout

  Hey Everyone! For those of you who went on the Red Rock hike Thank you so much for coming! Looking Forward to doing it again. While I was on the hike I asked some people if anyone had any questions about nutrition or fitness… And … [Read More...]

Eva's interview with Peter for her 5th grade science project on additives in food.

How to Avoid Additives that Wreak Havoc in Your Body

3 Questions about additives in foods and how to avoid them. This past week one I was paid a visit by a young lady whose 5th grade science experiment was based on preservatives and additives in foods and what they do to our bodies.  She came in … [Read More...]

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