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What Exactly IS Self Control?

Today, I did the unthinkable... I ate a blueberry muffin.   I gave into weakness.  I knew that muffin was no good, but I just couldn't handle the urge to buy and consume it.  All my progress is lost.  I've failed.  Why do I … [Read More...]

Healthy Foods to Eat and Some Supplements

The first question I get when it comes to nutrition is "What should I eat?"  If you saw my latest post, "Let's Take A Fitness Journey," you know I have a big goal to win the World Handball Championships in 2017 here in Las Vegas. … [Read More...]

Let’s go on a Fitness Journey

Fitness Journey to the Summer! Ok, so you want to lose weight, get toned, and look good... Cool!  I want to help, but I'm about to take this in an unexpected direction.  I typically like to focus on what we at FitLife Fusion call "the … [Read More...]

Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Edema… Salt may be the Solution

I wanted to share with you a helpful tool I use when working with my clients... SALT. I, like so many other people was convinced salt was a bad thing, and limiting your intake of it was a wise and health-conscience decision. We are told that … [Read More...]

How America Became the Fattest, Sickest Country in the World

Just a quick note.  If I make a mistake in the information I provide in any of our videos, I own them.  I did make a mistake in this video and would like to clarify.   When discussing the essentiality of "essential fatty acids," … [Read More...]

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