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All you had to say was “No”

Its close to 10:30 on a Sunday morning and I'm still laying in bed. Totally comfy buried under the covers. House is quiet and just the perfect temperature where it's slightly chilly but not freezing. I finally persuade myself to get out of bed and I … [Read More...]

The 4 Tendencies

"Ok Google..." How to make new habits... How to make good habits... How to break bad habits... How to make habits stick... How long to make habits stick... When people are trying to figure out how to actually make goals happen they … [Read More...]

GO TIME! 2018 New Year – No Quit Challenge

It's Go TIIIIIIIME!!! Alright, everyone!  Monday, January 8th starts the 4-week New Year - No Quit Challenge!  Below you will find the teams listed and who your team captain is.  Keep a look out on the Team FitLife private Facebook … [Read More...]

“The Friend Effect” Why friends don’t really help friends

The Friend Effect A New Year Blog Post by Peter Pinto The New Year is here!  You’re probably thinking about your health or, more accurately, your weight.  The new year, of course, brings with it new hope, and therefore you’re most likely … [Read More...]

Why am I still in pain?!

Why am I still in Pain??? Are you still in pain even after taking medications and have gone the surgery route? Why does this happen to so many people? Even though our understanding of pain and how the brain processes pain has improved drastically, … [Read More...]

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