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Call Me a Liar #1: Lose Weight Fast (Warning!)

“Call Me A Liar” #1:  Rapid Fat Loss (Warning!) Understanding Metabolism.  It’s not exactly what you think it is.  If you want to lose weight fast, and I mean really fast then you NEED to read this! Let this serve as a friendly warning to … [Read More...]

Member of the Month Nov 2015: Kristi

Kristi came to us almost a 6 months or so ago in search of a solution to some mobility problems she'd been dealing with for over 2 years.  She told us of the tremendous knee pain she dealt with for years until finally making the decision to get a … [Read More...]

Training Your Eyes to Reduce Pain and more

At FitLife Fusion we do a lot of things that most would consider... well, um... weird, I guess.  Some of the movement exercises we choose for our members are definitely out of the ordinary, but they have their purpose and they're usually just the … [Read More...]

Home Workout by Jen

Hey there! Here's a little workout to try at home.  It's very simple by design and should be pretty easy to perform at home or out at a park.  Below you'll find a short set of mobility drills to prime your joints for the workout, a few sub-maximal … [Read More...]

New Event: The Monthly Move!

It's the Monthly Move!   Move with us!  Each month we'll be holding this event open to all levels of fitness.  This is an opportunity to experience Neurology-Driven Fitness first hand, take away some tips to become healthier, and enjoy a healthy … [Read More...]

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