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New Youtube Series!

This has been a long time coming.  I’ve always loved making videos as a way of educating others.  It’s been a few years since I last published a video like these.  I stopped making videos because about three years ago or so I was presented with a lot of research and information that has changed the way we coach people.

At FitLife Fusion we’re always reading, attending seminars, and on the lookout for new research or techniques we can use to help people reach their fitness and health goals.  The video above sets the foundational concept for every nutrition and diet conversation we’ll have in the future.  It’s what will provide the context around why certain things happen in our bodies when we eat or don’t eat certain foods.

There is so much confusion around diet.  Of course, the confusion stems from all of the marketing jargon masquerading as scientific research all over the web, in magazines, and in social media.

Why are there so many contradicting studies out there?  Well, it’s easy to publish studies and manipulate the results when there is a general lack of understanding of how our metabolism works.

So what can be done?  CONTEXT.  “Provide context.” is the answer.  If you understand how our cells make energy or at least understand the basics of human physiology as described in the video, you’ll have a better grasp on why you get the results you get from the various diets out there.

When you’re trying to figure out what route to take when you’re making an effort to get fit and healthy, it’s really difficult to make an informed decision.  It’s kind of set up that way within the industry.  Instead of giving you solid information on how the body works, people are fed “rapid fat loss secrets” and overnight, weight-loss, before/after pictures.   Welp, that stops here.

Check out the video and let’s start the conversation!