Living Room Workout


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Hey Everyone! For those of you who went on the Red Rock hike Thank you so much for coming! Looking Forward to doing it again. While I was on the hike I asked some people if anyone had any questions about nutrition or fitness… And fitness won!

So I wanted to share a full-body workout plan that you can do 2x a week and in your own living room. It will burn Fat, increase muscle tone and help you with your endurance. Most of these exercises don’t require dumbbells but you can always add weight to increase the intensity. You want to use a weight that by the end of the last 2 reps its challenging to finish.
Start by doing 1-2 mobility,visual or vestibular drill

20 sec jumping jacks
20 sec High Knees
20 sec sit-throughs
10 push-ups

Military press with Dumbbells 8-10 REPS (when holding the dumbbells palms face forward)

REST for 45 sec

Biceps Curls with Dumbbells 8-10 REPS

REST for 45 sec

Push-ups (as many as you can do)

REST for 60 sec

REPEAT Set 2 more times

Jump Squats 8-12 reps

REST 45 sec-1 min

Suitcase deadlift with Kettlebell or Dumbbell 8-10 reps Tempo : squat down for 3 sec and come up for 1 sec

REST 45-60 sec

Wall Squat 60-120 sec * To increase intensity you can hold hands above head or hold a KettleBell or Dumbbell while in squat

REST 60-120 sec

REPEAT 1-2 more times


Sit-ups 20-30 reps

REST 20 sec

Hip Raises 15-20 reps

REST 20 sec

Plank 60 sec

REPEAT 3 times

Finish by drinking a nice cold 24 0z glass of OJ with a pinch of salt

Your Future-Self Will Thank You

I just wanted to commend everyone on their hard work I’ve been seeing at the gym. I love seeing people who are consistently food journaling and really focusing on their nutrition. Keep up the hard work!

For those of you that have been following the Ray Peat Diet, good job! A lot of questions might pop up when you are first starting this diet so please feel free to pepper us with questions. The more you educate yourself about your metabolism and how your body functions the faster you will heal from an unhealthy metabolic place to a well functioning one. The results of having a healthy metabolism are:

  1. increased energy,
  2. balanced hormone levels,
  3. living pain-free,
  4. healthy digestion, and
  5. being able to lose weight and actually have it STAY off!

Please take a few minutes and meditate on these questions:

  • How do I want to feel emotionally and look physically years from now (imagine how you would feel accomplishing your goal)?
  • Am I eating in a way that supports a healthy lifestyle?
  • Am I open to learning new ways for getting out of pain and living a healthy life?
Fitness at any age. Taken from National Post Sports.

Fitness at any age. Taken from National Post Sports.

Here’s something that I would like you to try, as it has definitely been helping me. Think about 1 small unhealthy habit you may struggle with and replace it with a healthy one.
For example:

  • Instead of eating 5 Oreos eat 3
  • Instead of drinking that 2nd soda replace it with a glass of orange juice.
  • Instead of sitting and watching the commercials on TV do some jumping jacks or push-ups.

Whatever it is that you choose make it small, and don’t expect perfection. Changing habits can be frustrating but it doesn’t have to be. Start out small and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you make good choices. Again, do something today that your future self will thank you for

3 Questions with 21-day Winner, Nikki Suchy-Belanger

3 Questions with our 21-day Metabolic Repair Shop Winner, Nikki Suchy-Belanger

Nikki Suchy-Belanger The Fit Labs Winner 1. What do you hope to get out of participating in the Fit Life Metabolic Repair shop

I am hoping to get a better understanding of how my body works under stress induced by exercise. I am also looking forward to learning new ways to work out and become fit.

  2. What is the number one challenge that has prevented your from succeeding so far?

The number one challenge I feel I face is that of learning how to properly fuel my body. I carry a lot of weight in my middle, more than 4x the average woman if I had to guess.  I want to know how to use food to my advantage and to re-program my brain to understand that it’s okay to let go of the excess weight.

  3.  As we follow your journey, you will inspire a lot of people. What would you tell a friend about The Fit Labs?

What I would tell others about The Fit Labs’ Metabolic Repair Shop is simple: If you want to understand yourself or learn more about why you struggle the way you do – this is the place to go. They understand the body mechanics and biology in a way where I have been seeking truths. Come here, ask questions, get your mind and body fed. They have such a great vibe here too, so it doesn’t matter where you start in size, shape, fitness level, weight class, etc. They are able to start where you are starting. That is what led me to their open doors.