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Holiday Fitness Challenge

Contest – Safety and How to Compete

Each year as November approaches people prepare to throw in the towel for 2 months on all health and fitness goals they may have had for themselves.  It’s just not right!  Why don’t you make this year about YOU!?  

Take the Challenge!

It’s too easy to avoid the things you want for yourself when the holiday season comes around… and that’s exactly why we created this Holiday Fitness Challenge!  Don’t let the holidays sabotage the goals you’ve been working toward all year.  Let’s get re-focused and have some fun all while getting fit and healthy in the process.  Not many people could say the “lost weight over the holidays.”  Let’s show ’em how it’s done this season.

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FitLife Fusion’s Mission

 “Awaken the leader within people to take charge of their health.”

Safety First!

Avoid over-doing it!  The focus of this challenge is on health not just weight loss at any cost.   Losing excess fat is great and part of becoming healthier, but there is much more to it…  We’re here to help you by teaching you how to limit the risk of your training and nutrition program so that you avoid the unwanted symptoms of being overstressed.  

***Be aware of your body’s stress level!  If sleep begins to deteriorate, energy levels drop, you get sick, you develop pain — you may be over doing it. 

If you’re new to our facility REQUEST A FREE CONSULT to make sure you’re not lining yourself up for injury.

Follow our “4 Elements of Efficiency”

  1. Perfect Form – make the movement efficient.
  2. Dynamic Postural Alignment – keep your spine aligned during movement
  3. Synchronized Respiration – don’t hold your breath!  Breath with the reps.
  4. Balance Between Relaxation and Tension – maintain your composure while exercising as creating excess tension can cause weakness, tension, and pain.

If you’re unsure of what you’re doing and afraid you may be lining yourself up for injury, again, CONTACT US and REQUEST A FREE CONSULT.  We’re here to help! Click the link or call us at 702-220-8222.

Here is how the contest works

Weekly Challenges will be held each week starting every Sunday and scores must be submitted by Saturday night at midnight.  Join our CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP to engage in the fun! Click here to join!

The FaceBook Group is “closed” meaning private!  This means a couple things:

  1. What you post in the closed group will only be seen by people in the closed group nor can it be shared outside the group.
  2. No one in the closed group can see what you post on your personal wall unless they are on your friend’s list.

The Challenges will be described in detail in a group email that will be sent out each Saturday (make sure you’re registered so we have your email).  Printed Individual Score Sheets can be found in the gym and a copy will be sent to you via email.  Every week you’ll fill one of these out recording the points you’ve accrued for the week.  Submit the forms to your TEAM CAPTAIN by Friday and team captains must add up the total points for the team and submit the team totals.

Point System

Weekly Points – every week you can accrue these points.  These are the maximum amount of points you can get each week from these tasks:

  • Team with the best attendance (don’t forget to reserve and click “attend”) – 6pts
  • Share an informative article relating to exercise, nutrition or lifestyle and start a conversation – 1pt
  • Share something Motivational or Inspiring – 1 pts
  • Journal 3 days of Diet and Exercise & post – 3 pts
  • Weekly Challenge Winner – 6pts

1-Time Bonuses

  • Online Workshop/Vid – 2pts
  • Attend a Free Workshop at FitLife Fusion – 2pts
  • Get a Free Consult – 5pts (non-members)
  • Write a Yelp Review – 5pts
Competition ends Sunday December 18th!  The team with the most points wins!  (if the teams are uneven the points will be added and divided by the number of team members and highest average will win)

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