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Holiday Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenge #3:  “#FitLifeRecipe2016”

It’s the Final Holiday Challenge #FitLifeRecipe2016

You guys are seriously KICKIN’ SOME ASS!  The motivation and energy in the gym has been through the roof!  I loved the videos and pictures of the workouts you put together.  Keep an eye out on the Team FitLife Facebook group for last week’s winner.

So here’s whatcha gotta do for the final challenge, “#FitLifeRecipe2016”

  • Post a healthy recipe to TEAM FITLIFE PRIVATE FACBOOK GROUP
    • recipe’s ingredients must follow our nutritional guidelines
  • Include a picture of the finished product
  • Include instructions as to how to prep and cook the dish
  • Use the hashtag #FitLifeRecipe2016

Don’t worry!  We’ll post a quick video up tomorrow with tips to help you follow our nutritional guidelines when submitting your recipe.

And remember!!! The holiday party is Thursday evening, Dec 22nd at 7pm!  I was thinking of making it a pot luck…?  What do you guys think?  Email me back with your suggestion.  POT LUCK or CATERED?

This is the final challenge!  Good Luck!

The FitLife Team

p.s.  extra credit, brownie points for bringing in a sample of your recipe for your trainers to taste 😉


Weekly Challenge #2:  “#FitLifeCreations”

Wow!  Great job last week, you guys!  I have to say I’m proud of how motivated you all have been over the past week and how into the challenges you are!   You’re awesome!

Okay!  Are you read for the next one?  Weekly Challenge #2, “#FitLifeCreations.”  As you know, our mission is to help people become more self sufficient.  We love having you all in the gym, and working toward better health and quality of life can be much more effective when you’re doing it with a great community of people  with similar goals.  BUT, just coming to the gym 3 or 4 times per week isn’t always enough to see the changes you want in your body.  It takes a little “extra credit” like doing mobility drills at home, or working out in your hotel while your away on business.  So this weekly challenge is all about what you can do at home to enhance all of the things we’re doing in your training program at the gym.

Here’s how it works.

  • Create your own home workout
  • Write out your workout in a post ON THE TEAM FITLIFE GROUP PAGE
  • Take a short video or add pictures of you performing each of the creative exercises/drills you came up with.  
  • Use the Hashtag “#FitLifeCreations” in your post (not a comment after you post)

Jenn and I will choose a winner at the end of the week based on:

  1.  Complete workout  – warm up mobility drills, exercise program (full bod, upper body, lower body, arms, legs, etc.), cool down
  2. Creativity when it comes to using things around the house as equipment or weights (like stairs and water jugs).

I have a feeling you’ll all rock this week’s challenge!

Keep it up!

The FitLife Team

p.s.  Points will be up tomorrow on the scoreboard which you can find under the “SCHEDULE” tab on our website.



Weekly Challenge #1:  “Living the FitLife” Picture Contest

Welcome to the first of 3 weekly challenges everyone.  First off, allow me to congratulate you and give you some props for stepping up during the most stressful time of year.  This week’s challenge is all about owning that!  So we want you to let everyone know that your fitness goals don’t take a back seat to anything.  

Here’s how it works.

-Take a picture of yourself in the gym working out.  It can you just you alone or you with your team members.  

-Use the HASHTAG “LivingTheFitLife2016”

-Check into FitLife Fusion

-Post is on YOUR WALL and say a little something about how important your health is to you.

-Ask your friends t0 LIKE and SHARE it 

The picture with the MOST LIKES by Saturday at 12pm will win 6 points for their team!

QUICK TIP:  Take a creative picture with you team mates working out and having fun in the gym.  Show’em whatcha got!

You stepped up and took the challenge.  We think you should take pride in that!

The FitLife Team

p.s.  Don’t forget to go to and hover over the schedule tab to see all the web pages you’ll need to participate in the challenge including the safety rules, how to score points, and the score board!

p.p.s:  Go to to see how you can score points for your team each week.

Weekly Challenge #2

Coming soon…