Home Workout by Jen

Hey there!

Here’s a little workout to try at home.  It’s very simple by design and should be pretty easy to perform at home or out at a park.  Below you’ll find a short set of mobility drills to prime your joints for the workout, a few sub-maximal plyometric exercises like jumping jacks to get your blood pumping, and 5 exercises you can do in a circuit fashion.

Remember to take your time.  Start by trying to get 2 sets in and work your way up to 5 full sets.

Give it a shot for a week or two, and let me know how it goes!  You can reach out to me anytime at Jennifer@fitlifefusion.com.  Go for it!



Ankle tilts (5 reps on each side)

Knee circles in a 45 degree lunge  (each side and 3 reps in each direction)

Thoracic glide 5 reps

WARM UP:  20 jumping jacks, 15 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 burpees


20-25 squats

15-20 alternating lunges

10-15 push-ups

10 burpees (with or without push-up)

20 sit ups

Rest for 60-90 sec and then repeat set 3 more times


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