New Event: The Monthly Move!

It’s the Monthly Move!  Facebook monthly move test

Move with us!  Each month we’ll be holding this event open to all levels of fitness.  This is an opportunity to experience Neurology-Driven Fitness first hand, take away some tips to become healthier, and enjoy a healthy meal provided by a local restaurant within our Network of Health.

Register Here: (find and click on the event on the calendar to get signed up!)

Here’s how it works…

9am – Warm up

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Eye Exercises
  • Balance and Coordination focus

9:20am – Training Time

  • A series of exercises will be your measuring tool to gauge your reaction to the drills we used in the warm up.  After performing subtle exercises and drills in the warm up you should be able to physically feel and see if you are:
    • Moving better
    • Increasing in Range of Motion
    • Increasing Flexibility
    • Increasing in Strength
    • Decreasing Tension/Pain

9:45 – Cool Down

  • Additional exercises at a slower pace designed to calm your nervous system
    • Slow Mobility
    • 3D Breathing Techniques
    • Visual Reset/Gaze Stabilization

10am – Motivating Moment

  • A brief lesson packed with tips you can take away to keep motivated until we see you again the following month.  Discussions will be on the following topics:
    • Pain Reduction
    • Strength, Stamina, and Endurance
    • Exercise Myths, Do’s/Don’ts
    • Nutrition/Diet
    • Supplementation
    • Environmental hazards you can control

10:20am – Eat

  • When it comes to nutrition we believe the more options you have, the easier it is to build a healthy diet.  So each event will be catered by a different restaurant within our Network of Health to provide you with a variety of different food genres like:
    • American
    • Thai
    • BBQ
    • Japanese
    • and more

We’ll be on the lookout for healthy chef’s in the Las Vegas area so if you have any friends in the restaurant business who deserve our attention, please let us know!

So come MOVE with us this month!

To Register for Events go to: (find and click on the event in the calendar to register)

About Peter

Peter Pinto is Co-Owner and Director of Training at the FitLife Fusion Training Facility (formerly The Fit Labs) and Sityodtong International Thai Boxing Camp in Las Vegas.
While his credentials are certainly impressive on paper, it’s his passion for helping athletes of all kinds move more efficiently, get stronger, faster, and watching them progress that really separates Peter from the pack. He exemplifies the modern athlete with diverse experience ranging from lacrosse and football to wrestling and kickboxing which informs his training of athletes from all disciplines and sports with clientele that ranges from UFC prize fighters and NFL players to fitness models, corporate executives, celebrities and anyone looking to maximize the athletic performance they get out of their own body.


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    I will attend this Sunday

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