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“Neuro-Flow” Assessment

Receive a Complete Neurological Screening
Our evaluation process is unmatched in the fitness world. Similar to a visit to a neurologist’s office we provide out members with a complete neurological screening (minus MRI’s and CT scans) called the “Neuro-Flow” assessment.  The difference between what a neurologist does and what we do is we’re looking for signs of brain function which may actually be impeding strength and flexibility, and/or causing pain.  We are able to pin point what parts of your brain need to be exercised or activated in order to improve the connection between the brain and body.

Did you know…
“48% of all exercisers get injured exercising.”
     –The American College of Sports Medicine 
That means you have about a 50/50 chance to get it right… or wrong!
Recent discoveries in neuroscience have given people more hope for change than ever before.
Get out of Pain…
Get Fit…
Get Strong…
     …No matter your age.
With every step you take each day your body is absorbs the impact created by each heal strike and that force is then distributed throughout your joints.  Old injuries, scars, and surgeries can cause faulty movement patterns which result in pain, more injuries, weakness, tension, neuropathy, back problems, migraines, and the list goes on and on.  The “Neuro-Flow Assessment” makes these invisible movement patterns to light and our trainers can prescribe the proper movement drills and exercises to correct them.  This can in turn provide instant results within seconds of performing the exercise!
  • Chronic or acute pain? => BE PAIN FREE
  • Having trouble losing weight? => Improve your moment patterns and make your exercise twice as effective for your weight loss goals
  • Lack energy and endurance =>Have more energy and endurance to do the things you love to do.
  • Worried about injury => train your body to be prepared for anything and avoid injury!
  • Want to perform at a higher level?  => Gain strength, speed, stamina, accuracy in your sport or maybe just in the sport of life.
All of these are possible when you’re in a personal training studio focused specifically on improving movement patterns by enhancing the mapping systems in your brain.  We call this “enhancing the brain-body connection.”
We’ve helped thousands of people ranging from those with 30+ years of chronic pain to world champion, elite level athletes.    In our eyes everyone is an athlete.  Whether you’re participating in organized sports or just in the sport of life you can be trained to excel in your sport and enjoy life the the fullest.
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