Peter’s Vlog: Fat, Sugar, and Photo Bombs


A whole lot to talk about this week! A closer look at one of our diet rules, one of Peter’s favorite work outs and everything else that went on this week.

Peter, addresses a few of the commonly asked questions about unsaturated fats and sugar. Watch the video and then feel free to comment below!

Congratulations to Lou Lou White on a stellar performance at the Cosmopolitan in the City Center on The Strip here in Vegas! What a show she put on!

About Peter

Peter Pinto is Co-Owner and Director of Training at the FitLife Fusion Training Facility (formerly The Fit Labs) and Sityodtong International Thai Boxing Camp in Las Vegas.
While his credentials are certainly impressive on paper, it’s his passion for helping athletes of all kinds move more efficiently, get stronger, faster, and watching them progress that really separates Peter from the pack. He exemplifies the modern athlete with diverse experience ranging from lacrosse and football to wrestling and kickboxing which informs his training of athletes from all disciplines and sports with clientele that ranges from UFC prize fighters and NFL players to fitness models, corporate executives, celebrities and anyone looking to maximize the athletic performance they get out of their own body.

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