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Guaranteed Weight Loss in Las Vegas Science Backed Fat-Loss by The Fit Labs

LAS VEGAS, NV: A new personal training gym local to Las Vegas is using science to guarantee results for clients. The Fit Labs is a group training and individualized program designed to get you in shape, get you healthy and provide a fitness solution at a reasonable price to those who want the benefits of personal training… “The Fit Labs uses hard science to create hard bodies. We take advantage of cutting edge research in neurology, neurophysiology, kinesiology and behavioral optometry to increase the effectiveness of a workout and eating program.” states Peter Pinto, Training Director and former trainer of UFC owner Dana White. Together with partner James M. Wong, the program is built on 30 years of combined experience. “Both of us have been trained in martial arts and health movement. We bring this experience to the general public to give our clients a progressive program that will make them thinner, stronger and healthier from the inside out”, Wong states. The program begins with a full-scale assessment. Guests are then placed in classes that progress from 101, to 201 and onward as the client gets stronger. “It’s great to be able to see all of us that started together advance together. Our workouts bring a group of strangers together as friends and we push each other as we reach our goals. All of us who began in the 101 class have advanced to the 201 class. We get to be a support for the new people that come in and we see the results playing out each day we train.” states Todd R. Levy who has been a member of The Fit Labs since June 2012. He has shed 10% of his fat, lost 10 inches and works out with his girlfriend during many of the 20 class options weekly. “She likes the yoga and I love our weekend gauntlet sessions.” Levy adds. The Fit Labs guarantees results and is the only gym in town to do so. Monthly plans include unlimited group sessions each week, a meal plan, nutrition counseling, as well as a strong community and education environment. Each session focuses on a myriad of methods that include: resistance training, kettlebells, plyometrics, calisthenics, kick boxing and traditional boxing. “Group members know each other by name and hold each other accountable. We even offer off-site activities for the group at no extra cost including hikes, healthy pot lucks and training for community races such as Tough Mudder or the Spartan Race.” adds Wong “People come in and progress from where they are. Unlike other training gyms in town, we won’t put you in danger of hurting yourself on day one. You start in the 101 class and move up from there.” The Fit Labs group training is located inside Studio 222 at 8645 West Flamingo Road #104  Las Vegas, NV 89147 on the corner of W. Flamingo and Durango.

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