Cure Diabetes… with SUGAR???

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I wanted to share this quick story with you that most people at first don’t like to hear, but always ask me to repeat.

“Wait…. what did he do to get that result?” they’ll ask.

So here goes…

One of our clients has been dealing with what doctors love to call being “prediabetic” which is some new, catchy medical term that is being used everywhere to scare the hell out of people, in my opinion.  People with high blood sugar levels
The doctor told him he needed to lose weight and eat like most of you consider to be healthy now a days; No sugar, more protein, tons of veggies, little to no fruit, lots of fiber…. oh and here, take these pills, these pills and this shake.

At the beginning he’d lost a few pounds and his blood sugar levels began to drop as he exercised 3-5 days per week and eat how the doctor prescribed.  Then it happened…
The PLATEAU!  The weight began to creep back up, the blood sugar levels began to climb, and so the frustration set in.

One day in the gym he approached me and told me what was going on.  I gave him some information on how diabetes used to be treated BEFORE the pharmaceutical campanies came to power in the medical world and boom!!  Within 24 hours of taking a bit of my advice he had experienced a 40 point drop in fasting blood sugar levels and woke up 4 LBS lighter.

… and he did so by eating SUGAR.

“Wait. What did you say!?”  This is normally the point in the story where I realize people weren’t listening and request I repeat how he did it.

I want you to understand this as much as possible.  My father just called last week and told me his doctor diagnosed him prediabetic which in turn inspired me to chose this topic to write about this week.

Diabetes – “The Wasting Disease”

In the late 1800’s, early 1900s we called diabetes the “wasting disease”.  One day a doctor discovered, interestingly enough, that their sick patient’s urine tasted sweet. (Yeah, I know what your thinking, but let’s get past this for a moment and stick to what this discovery led to.)  In testing the urine, the doc realized this person was excreting glucose because his body wasn’t able to utilize it well.

Back then doctors attempted to replace the sugar that was lost in these patients’ urine by feeding them sweet fruit, glutenous breads and even plain white sugar and they had good results.  This I’m sure would surprise most people today because we know diabetes to be a high sugar problem, right?  Too much sugar leads to spikes in our blood sugar levels which leads to tolerance to our own insulin and in the end our body can’t store the sugar and we become diabetic… That’s it, right?

Well then how did those doctor’s way back when get good results from feeding their patients who were dealing with diabetes more sugar?  Pharmaceutical companies have made this a very confusing topic for us in recent years.  Sugar has become demonized, proteins scrutinized, and veggies and fish oils glorified.

Here’s something you probably never heard of.  In 1963 the discovery of the “glucose-fatty acid cycle” was made and since then more and more evidence has linked dietary fat with diabetes.  What we found was fat (primarily unsaturated fats like fish oils, seeds, nuts, seed oils, vegetable oils, etc) inhibit glucose oxidation.  Glucose is what our bodies create when it breaks down carbohydrates and it is what our body uses as its primary source of energy.  This forces our cells to have to turn to things like fat cells and lactic acid as fuel to burn to create energy.

Now that may sound like a good thing, but it’s not.  Fat and lactic acid as sources of fuel, suck!  This is why when people go pure Paleo or Atkins they’re energy is never consistent, their moods swing and their sleep gets all off.

You should sleep 8-9 hours per night uninterrupted somewhere around the hours 10pm-6am. (you know, when it’s dark outside)
You should be calm, curious and mild tempered.
You should not feel like you could take a nap somewhere in the middle of the day.
You should have a sex drive.
You should not deal with pain issues on a daily basis like migraines or sciatica.

If you are not all these things, YOU HAVE A FUEL ISSUE!

Glucose must to be the primary source of energy, especially for brain function.  This is one of the main reasons why people “yo-yo” so often.  It’s super stressful to try to lose weight, get in better shape and maintain that state when you’re body is begging you every waking moment from within to eat the things you love, but are trying to avoid.

Dieting isn’t the easiest thing in the world, yet everyone out there wants you to believe it is.  Other trainers would like you to believe that just because they are are lean and muscular they have it figured out.  Just eat like they do and you’ll be healthy and lean.  Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.  You can’t just pick up a meal plan and cure yourself of diabetes or expect to magically transform into someone in muscle magazine.  It’s tricky, individual and you need the right information.  Types of foods and amounts can vary for each individual.

So what can you do?

CLICK HERE FOR A FREE CONSULT in person, over the phone, or via Skype.  Whether you are dealing with diabetes, trying to lose a few pounds, or even if you have tried and failed multiple times in the past we offer life long, guaranteed results here at The Fit Labs.  We genuinely care about your well being.  It’s too easy for other fitness companies to set you on a path for fast weight loss results to inevitably have you yo-yo back to where you were (or worse) just to get you back into the gym to buy more training.

Let us show you the path the life long health and happiness.  How nice would it be to know what you’re doing to look good, feel good and eat healthy is the right thing to do?

Bonus article: “How to Chose a Personal Trainer”  Click here to request this free download!

Peter’s Thailand Photo Gallery

Sityodtong ninja pose

Click HERE to visit Peter’s photo gallery of his last trip to Thailand!

Peter’s Fit Labs Vlog: Thailand, Z-Health and the Rules of Training

Vlog 8Mar13

Click the picture above to watch!

The Vlog is back!  Peter was away for a while in Thailand paying his respects to one of the greatest men Muay Thai has ever seen, Kru Yodtong Senanan.  Kru Yodtong had passed away just a few weeks ago at the age of 75 and was the first person to ever receive a doctorate of Muay Thai from the King of Thailand.  He was the founder of the famed Sityodtong Muay Thai Camp in Pattaya, Thailand.

Here is the first Vlog episode since his return and Peter discusses his background a bit and the rules of training which we at The Fit Labs call the “elements of efficiency”.

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Peter’s Fit Labs Vlog: Protein & Milk

vlog cirque

Peter’s Fit Labs Vlog Ep. 4:  Protein & Milk

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The Executive Circuit

The Executive Circuit
This is one of Peter’s favorite workouts due to its simplicity and it sure fire effectiveness! It’s something we picked up from Olympic Coach Charles Poliquin. The “Executive Circuit is made up of FOUR exercises:

1. The Split Squat, front foot elevated:
Put one foot up on a low platform and the other behind you in a split stance position.
Lower your body down and forward so that your front knee drives forward, past your toes. Then push up and back to return to the start position.
2. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press, neutral grip:
Choose and inclined position on a free standing bench and hold the dumbbells on your chest with your palms facing one another so that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor
Press the dumbbells to the ceiling, traveling slightly backward on your way up so that your entire arm is perpendicular to the floor once your elbows are completely extended.
3. The Back Squat:
Place the barbell on your back (not the back of your neck) and grip the bar so that your forearms stay perpendicular to the floor (elbows pointing straight down).
Slowly descend into a squatted position as far as you feel comfortable, keeping your forearms pointed toward the floor and your spine (including your neck) aligned while in motion. Try to make sure your hips and knees bend simultaneously so you don’t put excess pressure on your knees or lower back. Then stand and repeat.
4. The Pull Up, neutral grip
Grip the bars so that your palms face one another in the hang position.
Pull yourself up, bringing your shoulders up to your hands. Repeat.
The Pull Up can also be assisted by a rubber band or your buddy holding you by the feet.

Work your way through all four exercises in that order for 1 set.

Rep/Set Scheme:
rest 60-90seconds between exercises and 120seconds between sets

Perform this workout 2x/week over a 4 week period.
Week 1 = 2 sets
Week 2 = 3 sets
Week 3 = 4 sets
Week 4 = 4 sets

Let us know how you do in the comment section below!

Peter Journal: week 2

There are a few things that don’t exactly follow the guidelines here, but as I said “I will be brutally honest!”
wp-image-239″ />journal
Doc - Feb 1, 2013, 7-21 PM - p4 Doc - Feb 1, 2013, 7-21 PM - p1

Doc - Feb 1, 2013, 7-21 PM - p2

Doc - Feb 1, 2013, 7-21 PM - p3

Doc - Feb 1, 2013, 7-21 PM - p4journal

Peter’s Vlog: Fat, Sugar, and Photo Bombs


A whole lot to talk about this week! A closer look at one of our diet rules, one of Peter’s favorite work outs and everything else that went on this week.

Peter, addresses a few of the commonly asked questions about unsaturated fats and sugar. Watch the video and then feel free to comment below!

Congratulations to Lou Lou White on a stellar performance at the Cosmopolitan in the City Center on The Strip here in Vegas! What a show she put on!

Ep. 2 Peter’s Fit Labs Vlog: The Rules

vlog 2

What’s up guys!
In this week’s vlog I list the rules of dieting and exercise and give you a look at my journal.  I list the rules with a little explanation, but I will be diving deeper into the reason’s behind them in future vlogs, so don’t worry.  Of course, you can always ask questions in the comments and I will address them or maybe even use them as a topic in the next video!
Pics of my journal
Flat Butt Syndrome (Treadmills and Steppers)
Recipe – Coconut Shrimp

And in regard to treadmills, steppers and elliptical machines we do have some in Studio 222 (current home of the Fit labs), but as we are preparing to move into a Fit Labs owned facility they’ll be disappearing and replaced with rowers and Airdyne Bikes 🙂

This Week’s Question:
“What exercise do you HATE and why?

I always try to make things fun for my clients and find it interesting to find out what exercises they hate doing (and I’ve heard some crazy reasons as to why).  So give me yours!

Flat Butt Syndrome!


1. Treadmill, Steppers Ellipticals…oh my!

The first thing most people do when looking to lose a couple pounds is…??? Cardio, right!? And that means get a gym membership and plan on hopping on a “cardio machine” for 45 minutes a day.


Simply put, treadmills, ellipticals, and Stairmasters are just no good for you and are contradictory to what you are trying to accomplish. Here are a few reasons why treadmills, ellipticals and steppers make you weaker, slower, and fatter!

Let’s take treadmills for instance:

1. “Flat butt syndrome” as we like to call it. Your body uses the muscles in the butt and the back of your legs to propel you forward when walking or running. Now envision yourself on a treadmill. Though the movements you are making seem to be identical to walking or running in a park, something is very different. The ground is essentially pulling you forward. In this situation the muscles in your butt and hamstrings don’t have to propel you forward. Over time if you are an avid treadmill runner or a Stairmaster enthusiast those muscles you thought you were toning back there are actually withering away because they’re not being used, allowing for some really saggy butt cheeks, hence flat butt syndrome.”


2. It messes with your senses! Everyone experiences “sea legs” when getting off of a treadmill. That near-dizzy, slightly uncoordinated feeling which seems to wear off after a minute or so is exactly what we’re talking about. No matter how much you run on a treadmill there’s no escaping it. This is caused by certain sensory systems becoming confused by the activity. You’re running, and even though we are intelligent human beings with sophisticated brains able to comprehend the fact that we are on a machine, your eyes cannot. Mixed signals are sent to the brain from the visual system because your body is running and nothing is passing you by. Another sensory system, the vestibular, works closely with the visual system and is responsible for balance. It senses the ground you stand on and sends messages to the brain telling you how to adjust your balance so you don’t fall over (and it’s having a really tough time doing so on this strange machine). When you get off of the treadmill your body is suddenly hit with reality and it takes a minute to readjust. This whole process totally freaks out the nervous system making you weaker, slower, and more susceptible to pain and injury.


3. They’re BORING!!! Go outside! Take in some scenery! It’s overall better for your body and more fun. Let us worry about teaching you how to prevent those joint problems people assume they suffer from running outdoors.

So look, if you don’t ever exercise consistently and you decide to start by running on a treadmill six times a weak, of course you’ll see some change in your body… for maybe the first month. But you’ll suffer the consequences! So if you’re serious about shaping up come in or click here for a FREE EVALUATION at The Fit Labs. Everyone needs a trainer so get in the Lab! 

Our New YouTube Channel and Peter’s 1st Vlog Episode!

Peter Vlog Pic

Link to the Fit Labs Youtube Channel!


We have launched our youtube channel “FitLabs” and Peter has begun his vlog.  Here you’ll find dieting tips, interesting topics of discussion, recipes, some motivational support, and maybe a few laughs.  Keep in touch with us by following along with Peter Pinto and commenting on his posts!