The Executive Circuit

The Executive Circuit
This is one of Peter’s favorite workouts due to its simplicity and it sure fire effectiveness! It’s something we picked up from Olympic Coach Charles Poliquin. The “Executive Circuit is made up of FOUR exercises:

1. The Split Squat, front foot elevated:
Put one foot up on a low platform and the other behind you in a split stance position.
Lower your body down and forward so that your front knee drives forward, past your toes. Then push up and back to return to the start position.
2. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press, neutral grip:
Choose and inclined position on a free standing bench and hold the dumbbells on your chest with your palms facing one another so that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor
Press the dumbbells to the ceiling, traveling slightly backward on your way up so that your entire arm is perpendicular to the floor once your elbows are completely extended.
3. The Back Squat:
Place the barbell on your back (not the back of your neck) and grip the bar so that your forearms stay perpendicular to the floor (elbows pointing straight down).
Slowly descend into a squatted position as far as you feel comfortable, keeping your forearms pointed toward the floor and your spine (including your neck) aligned while in motion. Try to make sure your hips and knees bend simultaneously so you don’t put excess pressure on your knees or lower back. Then stand and repeat.
4. The Pull Up, neutral grip
Grip the bars so that your palms face one another in the hang position.
Pull yourself up, bringing your shoulders up to your hands. Repeat.
The Pull Up can also be assisted by a rubber band or your buddy holding you by the feet.

Work your way through all four exercises in that order for 1 set.

Rep/Set Scheme:
rest 60-90seconds between exercises and 120seconds between sets

Perform this workout 2x/week over a 4 week period.
Week 1 = 2 sets
Week 2 = 3 sets
Week 3 = 4 sets
Week 4 = 4 sets

Let us know how you do in the comment section below!

About Peter

Peter Pinto is Co-Owner and Director of Training at the FitLife Fusion Training Facility (formerly The Fit Labs) and Sityodtong International Thai Boxing Camp in Las Vegas.
While his credentials are certainly impressive on paper, it’s his passion for helping athletes of all kinds move more efficiently, get stronger, faster, and watching them progress that really separates Peter from the pack. He exemplifies the modern athlete with diverse experience ranging from lacrosse and football to wrestling and kickboxing which informs his training of athletes from all disciplines and sports with clientele that ranges from UFC prize fighters and NFL players to fitness models, corporate executives, celebrities and anyone looking to maximize the athletic performance they get out of their own body.

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