3 Questions with 21-day Winner, Nikki Suchy-Belanger

3 Questions with our 21-day Metabolic Repair Shop Winner, Nikki Suchy-Belanger

Nikki Suchy-Belanger The Fit Labs Winner 1. What do you hope to get out of participating in the Fit Life Metabolic Repair shop

I am hoping to get a better understanding of how my body works under stress induced by exercise. I am also looking forward to learning new ways to work out and become fit.

  2. What is the number one challenge that has prevented your from succeeding so far?

The number one challenge I feel I face is that of learning how to properly fuel my body. I carry a lot of weight in my middle, more than 4x the average woman if I had to guess.  I want to know how to use food to my advantage and to re-program my brain to understand that it’s okay to let go of the excess weight.

  3.  As we follow your journey, you will inspire a lot of people. What would you tell a friend about The Fit Labs?

What I would tell others about The Fit Labs’ Metabolic Repair Shop is simple: If you want to understand yourself or learn more about why you struggle the way you do – this is the place to go. They understand the body mechanics and biology in a way where I have been seeking truths. Come here, ask questions, get your mind and body fed. They have such a great vibe here too, so it doesn’t matter where you start in size, shape, fitness level, weight class, etc. They are able to start where you are starting. That is what led me to their open doors.

About Peter

Peter Pinto is Co-Owner and Director of Training at the FitLife Fusion Training Facility (formerly The Fit Labs) and Sityodtong International Thai Boxing Camp in Las Vegas.
While his credentials are certainly impressive on paper, it’s his passion for helping athletes of all kinds move more efficiently, get stronger, faster, and watching them progress that really separates Peter from the pack. He exemplifies the modern athlete with diverse experience ranging from lacrosse and football to wrestling and kickboxing which informs his training of athletes from all disciplines and sports with clientele that ranges from UFC prize fighters and NFL players to fitness models, corporate executives, celebrities and anyone looking to maximize the athletic performance they get out of their own body.

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