What to eat, What to eat…

Hey Guys, First off I’d like to commend everyone on there hard work I’ve been seeing at the gym. You guys have been kicking butt! Also, I love all the questions everyone has been asking me, keep it up.

A question I get a lot is,”What Should I eat BEFORE and AFTER a workout?” What we decide to put in our bodies plays a huge part in our performance when we workout. If we have the right amount of nutrition we will have energy and feel good during the workout, compared to if we eat nothing or eat foods that bogs our bodies down and not allowing the cells to create energy efficiently, which is what we want. This is a lot easier than it sounds. One of the tools our cells use to create energy is glucose. So eating:

Fruit (preferably melon,cherries,grapes, Orange Juice)

milk with sugar

Coffee with plenty of milk and sugar






Smoothie with protein (preferably Gelatin)



Whatever you decide to eat just make sure that your ratio is More Sugar than Protein, more Protein than Fat.

After the workout I like to have at least 24 0z of OJ with a pinch of salt as well as some protein and fruit. Also I like to make time to take an Epsom Salt Bath, this gives our muscles and nerves the food they need…

I hope this has been helpful for you guys, If you have any questions feel free to Email me at jennifer@fitlifefusion.com




  1. Hi Jennifer, Is there a difference between Epsom salt baths and sea salt baths? I’ve seen that sea salt has more micro nutrients than epsom salt, but curious as to your opinion. Thanks! Rob

    • Hi Rob! Sorry for the late response. There is a difference depending on the salt. Epsom is usually the best go to when it comes to bathing due to its magnesium content. (and it’s much cheaper, too!) Great question, Rob.

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