Movie Review: “What The Health!?”

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Movie Review:  “What The Health!?”

In this episode of Heavy Thoughts, Peter and Jenn review the newly popular Netflix Documentary, “What the Health.  

Often we are asked by others what our thoughts are on certain movies and documentaries, and so we decided to try something new on the fitness talk show, Heavy Thoughts.  

The Quick Run Down…

We give this movie a 4 out of 10.  Honestly, it ended up being a big vegan commercial.  Many of this same arguments you may have heard for veganism in the past are presented in the movie along with more and more evidence of abuse within the foods industry.  Let’s break it down a little further.

First off, a lot of the information in this movie is worth hearing in relation to the current state of our food industry.  The way many companies within the food industry operate is just truly appalling.  Livestock is mistreated far beyond what most people realize.   Chemicals are added to our foods without our knowledge and the companies themselves turn a blind eye to the fact they don’t even really know the long term effects of their consumption.  And so, the story of how animals are abused and people are fed poisons in the name of saving the bottom line still stands.  This documentary thoroughly depicts the evils of the food industry and we think everyone needs to see it.  

On the other hand, the documentary uses every resource it has to fight for the vegan cause.

The Vegan Diet: Science or Religion?

Veganism is more like a religion than a scientifically based theory.  There isn’t a lot of sound science to prove the idea that people should be completely avoiding animal products, but people deeply believe it to be true anyway.  It’s a belief system with a lot of great stories, and yet not a whole lot of concrete evidence.    For example, one of the arguments made by a doctor in the film is that people shouldn’t be consuming cow’s milk because the milk is designed to take a baby calf and turn it into a 1200 lb. cow.  He goes on to discuss the hormone content being unnatural for humans, but never gets specific.  

I call these types of arguments, “connect the dots science.”   There isn’t any scientific proof that people shouldn’t drink milk, but by stating multiple facts about cow’s milk, it’s function in raising calves, historical timelines involving when people began to maintain livestock, what their teeth look like, and the shapes of their spots, people connect the factual dots, so to speak, to tell a story that corresponds with their beliefs.  

The one thing I can say in defense of all vegans is they truly care about animal rights.  Whenever I encounter a new member with health issues who is also vegan, I always start the conversation with one question. 

“Do you avoid animal products because you can’t stomach eating living things or do you believe it to be the healthiest way to eat?”

If the answer I get relates the little rabbit you once befriended as a child appearing as the main course for your 7th birthday dinner, I can see how that might be traumatizing.  But, if the answer has to do with veganism or vegetarianism being healthy, then we can have a conversation.  

Just a quick disclaimer… I don’t hate vegans or vegetarians.  I don’t choose to dislike people because of their beliefs.  So if you refuse to eat meat and animal products don’t take this as an attack on your person. The only argument I care about is whether or not eating in a such a way is optimally healthy or not.  If people are suffering from metabolic disorders and their answer to the problem is to go vegan, I try to provide information as to why I’d be concerned.  Regardless of what I say, just know the decision is always yours to do what you want with your health.  

Here are some great references to check out:



 Book:  “How to Heal Your Metabolism” by Kate Deering

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